Airomas College

Airomas College is an institution affiliated to BSS- Bharat Sevak Samaj, the National Development Agency promoted by Govt. of India.

About Us

Airomas College is committed to provide students with aviation working skills needed to set them on track for a successful and prosperous career in the aviation industry.

We at Airomas College have devoted a great deal of effort to develop and deliver our training programs of international quality, relevant to the needs of the aviation industry. Our specialized curriculum and experienced faculty allow us to focus on the evolving needs of the candidates who must operate and compete in an increasingly complex International Aviation Environment.

Airomas College offers an environment of resourceful learning which is the base platform for the aspiring individuals to discover their potential and to be transformed into skilled employable personnel.

Our training programs equip the candidates with aviation specific knowledge that the industry now demands and puts them high on the placement line.

The distinctive approach to training is that students must meet their quest for tangible success. Our mode of facilitations will create interest and encourage the student to stay participative through the modes of experiential learning along with Personality Development. Career in aviation is like a dream become realised. Since the childhood we all want to go beyond the vertical limits. However one can do it by travelling in aeroplane but making a career in airline industry is certainly an amazing feeling that some people always dream to fulfil in reality. So all, who are daring, and also want to fly, they are welcomed in Airomas College, providing different types of courses in the field of Aviation.

We are always open to those who have a yearning to do something big in their life. Young and daring, enthusiast, with high energy level and stamina, and high calibre to walk on the hard path of training can become a successful aviator. Are you one of them? If yes, then aviation is the field that will make all your dreams true.

Our Skills

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Aviation Deploma 100%

Airport Management Course 100%

IATA 100%

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology 100%

Air Fares and Ticketing Training 100%


Number of Airlines operating in India has grown significantly in recent years. There are many new Low Cost Carriers operating both domestic and international flights.